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 "Procrastination is the friend of idleness— the guide to the spoilage of work!

do bid farewell to procrastination by doing what is to be done immediately; efficiency and success will be your servants! 


Sree Sree Thakur   Anukulchandra
Chalar Sathi

Welcome to Satsang UK

Satsang UK, a non-denominational spiritual and philanthropic organisation that aims to attain the spiritual elevation along with materialistic progress of every human being in society, based on the philosophies of Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra (1888-1969), a prominent spiritual leader, philosopher, and philanthropist, in the early nineteenth century.  His philosophy of being and becoming emphasises leading a disciplined life. Discipline in His view, consisted of voluntary regulation of one’s thoughts, speech, and actions under the spiritual Guru’s wish that could be achieved by active association and transcendental meditation.

Sree Sree Thakur believed that once every individual is disciplined, society will be free from evil forces, intolerance, and sectarian conflicts. He approached life’s problems in a balanced, dynamic, rationalistic, and scientific way. Thousands of awakening and enlightening verses and texts with a wide range of subjects including spiritualism, anthropology, psychology, religion, health, education, science, politics, etc. have been created by Him to benefit mankind and its environment. All these enlivening and insightful texts and verses have been compiled to make available for the world at large in various languages. Satsang UK invites everyone across faiths, beliefs, religions, etc. to participate in its social, spiritual, and philanthropic activities.

A couple of His thought-provoking messages are mentioned below:

“Spiritualism is
   Investigation and Invention of
   the hows and whys by
   which matter extends and grows
   to the acceleration of our
   Being and Becoming !”

Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra
The Message Vol – I  Page 162

Blue Skies

" Spiritualism is an investigation and the invention of the hows and whys by which matter extends & grows to the acceleration of our Being and Becoming! "

Sat on the Rocks
Sat on the Rocks

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Satsang wants man (& woman)
            In the name of One Supreme Creator of all beings -
           God, Khuda or existence
           whatever you may call Him;
   'It recognizes not anyone or anything
    that discriminates the supernal Prophets or Incarnations
          and creates disintegrity and discord in the human family,-
          Sowing seeds of division
and non-co-operation;
    Satsang thinks not in terms of Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikh, Buddhistor Christian or the like;
    SATSANG recognises everyone
as the son of the Almighty.
  so It wants to make all
      submissive to it;
    Satsang thinks not in terms of Pakistan, Hindustan, Russia, China, Europe or America-
   Satsang wants men-
           Sakistan the Holyland
   with every individual-
           be he Hindu, Muslim,
   Christian, Buddhist or
   Whoever or whatever he might be,

-to assemble In His name
at the clarion call of Five Fires

In pursult, nurture and fulfilment
In mutual genial co-operation and diligent progressive endeavour,-
   so that everyone may sustain himself by his toll-
Safe-guarding his personal liberty and future upliftment,
cach one has to perceive that everyone belongs to him,
none would think himsell desolate, penury-stricken, shelterlese,
   rather.everyone should cheerfully declare  "I belong to everyone, everyone belongs to me"-
With active co-operative exuberance;
Satsang wants- super-International co-operation
so that life and growth of
every Individual is guaranted,
where everyone will dwell With case-undaunted
with mutually fulfilling
Integrated elevation,
being diligently self-developing serviceful,
  to become ſullied to that Unique One the Ideal Personage being illuminated by elevating impulse.


- Sree Sree Thakur

Anukul Chandra 


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