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"As the time of weakness think of beauty and strength, and when vanity seeks to possess you, think of the Beloved and of humility. Mental health will remain undisturbed."

Member's Corner

With the blessings from Acharya Dev, any initiated person based in the UK can deposit Istavrity and all other istarghya (Pranami, Swastayni, Acharyvriti, Parivarvriti) to Satsang UK Philanthropy. A separate bank account has been opened in this regard.

As per Sree Sree Thakur’s direction, each initiated person (Guru bhai/maa) should send Istavrity on the 30th day. Before this facility became operative Satsangees based in the UK used to send all sorts of Istarghya to Satsang Deoghar through their relatives based in India/ Bangladesh/Nepal etc.

While any expat can continue to send Istavrity in that old traditional way but now for all UK citizen Satsangees are recommended to send Istravity and other istarghya to the Satsang UK Istavrity account which is being authorized by the Acharya Dev of Satsang for UK wide collection. This rule is applicable for Europe Based Satsangees also until Satsang Philanthropy for Europe is set up.

When any individual or a family based in the UK sends Istavrity or any other offerings to Satsang UK, Satsang UK philanthropy will assign a unique family code. For all subsequent transfers, Satsangees need to mention his/her Satsang UK family code (and India/Bangladesh Istavrity family code).

After transferring Istavrity and other istarghya to generate Arghya Prashasti, please log in to the SUK portal and enter all the details. 

Currently, this portal is available from 06:00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. 

A user manual for this portal is also available here. 

"Don’t pose as a holy man; try to become one. Don’t compare yourself with a Great Soul, but try to follow Him..”"

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